Led Displays for Airports

Led Display Signs for Airports
Our led display signs can also be used for displaying information on large high resolution billboards.

For example arrival and departure information is a high priority data for travelers, we can provide these airports with those large led display screens.

Large Led Display Sign Prices On Demand

Most of the questions we get are related to the price of our led display signs that we are offering. For that we have created a quick reference calculator that calculates the price of the led display signs based on the size of it. If you are not convinced about the price, please give us a call or write us an email and we can give you a price based on the needs and specifications of the led diplay sign you desire.

Large Led Display Sign Sales Request

On Demand Led Display Sign Advantages

The most important advantage of our large led displays is that we can adapt our products to the clients need. This means that we dont have fixed characteritics for our large led display signs. Our clients are free to choose what they want and we are able to provide them with their needs, we can even help them choosing a better product than they atually wanted. This is also an important point that we have our prices based on the size of the led displays.

The led display size is an important point for those who have limited space for putting their led display panel.

What are the Characteristics of the Led Display Sign Quote?

Of course every full color led display sign can have different characteristics. And based on those characteristics the prices may very a lot. For that we are going to give you the characteristics of the full color led display sign so you can have an idea of what you will get for that price when you buy with us a full color led display sign. Of course you should contact us if you want a better price quote and adjust the characteristics of the full color led display sign.
  • Outdoor Electronic LED Display Sign;
  • 5mm Cree LEDs (Oval Through Hole Chips);
  • Pixel Pitch of 25mm;
  • Real Pixels;
  • Pixel Density: 1600 dots/m²;
  • Pixel Color Configuration: 2R1G1B;
  • Viewing distance: 20 meters a 200 meters.

How to use the Large Led Display Sign Price Calculator

To calculate the price of the large led display sign you need to know the size of the equipment. Let's asume that someone wants to know the price of a 23m2 large led display sign in USD we have to do the following actions:

  • The led display sign is 23m2, 23 has to be typed in the box of number 1;
  • The currency will be in USD, for that the radio button USD will be selected in box number 2;
  • To calculate the price press the botton "Calculate Led Sign Price";
  • In box number 3 the price proposal will be written in bold, for the 23m2 large led display sign;
  • The Led Display Sign price quote doesnt include taxes;
  • The Led Display Sign price quote doesnt include shipping costs.

Large Led Display Sign Price Calculator

Characteristics Large Led Display Sign:

1. Led Display Sign Area: m2
2. Price Currency:
3. Proposal (on the fly):
* Shipping costs are not included in the above price;
* Mexican clients need to add 15% IVA.

4. Obtener Cotización Detallada If you would like to have a written quote with specified details of the electronic LED display, please fill in our online sales request form and within 24 hours we will send you an oficial quote of what you are requesting with all the technicial specifications and the desired LED display sign size and Pixel Pitch.