Led Displays for Airports

Led Display Signs for Airports
Our led display signs can also be used for displaying information on large high resolution billboards.

For example arrival and departure information is a high priority data for travelers, we can provide these airports with those large led display screens.

High Resolution Led Displays

The Dynamic Pixel Technology (DPT) of Led Displays International enables us to display a picture with double clearness. By using all of the screen pixels dynamically, we are able to give the viewer the kind of optimal picture quality which you could otherwise see only if you would use twice the number of physical pixels on the led display screen.

Difference between None-DPT and With-DPT Led Display Screens

High Resolution Led Displays DPT
  • Led None-DPT
  • Led With-DPT
  • Led Display Output before DPT
  • Led Display Output After DPT