Led Displays for Airports

Led Display Signs for Airports
Our led display signs can also be used for displaying information on large high resolution billboards.

For example arrival and departure information is a high priority data for travelers, we can provide these airports with those large led display screens.

Large Led Display Software and Hardware Control System

Our Unipanel Series take your led display into a spectacularly colorful world full of rythm and variation. They can show video, scoring and other information which can attract viewers' eyes ath the very first moment. Integrated control systems makes you feel comfortable and convenient during the operation. Monitor helps you to get the first-hand display information of the led display which may be far away from you.

Led Display Integrated Control System Diagram

Led Display Software and Hardware Control Diagram
  • PC
  • Led Display Sign
  • PC
  • Control System
  • Uni-M (Monitor)
  • HUB
  • Lan/Internet
  • Uni-C Controller
  • Speakers
  • Video-Audio Switch
  • VCR
  • TV Tuner/Satellite Receiver
  • Video Camera
  • Uni-D (Distributor)
  • Uni-PSD (Power-Distributor)

Video / Audio Signal Video / Audio Signal
Fiber Cable Fiber Cable
Network Signal Network Signal
Controlling Signal Controlling Signal
DVI Signal DVI Signal
Power Supplier Cable Power Supplier Cable

Led Display Control System

  • Video PAL, Video NTSC;
  • Correction, color coordinate transformation;
  • Noise reduction;
  • Remote control to led dislay;
  • Able to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of color and video signal according to different requirements;
  • Display brightness adjustment based on the information from the brightness collector of RS422 Standard;
  • Remote control realized by providing the control information to power distributor of RS422 Standard.


  • Indication of power supply;
  • Self-protection and self-disposal;
  • Auto power On/Off of the led display;
  • Intelligent maintenance;
  • Auto-control to temperature and humidity.


  • The display being monitored simultaneously;
  • Error being figured out inmediately if there are some.

Video Sources

  • DVD, VCD, VCR, TV, camera with PAL/NTSC standard.

Video Input

  • DVDI 1.0, UC Video, Composite Video, VGA Overlay.