The new 120 Hz LED screen display technology

The format of High Definition 1080p display screens are filling every need you want. The 40 inch screens are already widespread little by little in many countries all over the world, and high defenition LCD screens will continue to lag behind. But the sets that arrive in the stores the coming autumn and winter will be part of the first large display screens for public incorporated of two brand new technologies that can seriously improve the image quality of the display screens.

The sports fans who watch games on "Television" will be happy to watch their High Definition Television (HDTV) image at a frequency of 120 Hz, which is double the standard of what LCD televisions have now. This frequency is higher than existed so far on the market and allows televisions to eliminate residual flow of kinetic images of fast sports programs or advertisements. While several manufacturers have already sold their first 120 Hz screens this year, most of them (JVC, LG Electronics, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba) will integrate technology into their high frequency screens next autumn.

The LED screens as televisions

The other new technology is LED (light emitting diodes) back light, which allows the LED screen televisions to include a wider range of colors and which works with the fluorescent lamp to cold cathode ray tube (CCFL), currently used by the majority of LCD HDTV's. This technology also allows to get the back light with high precision. The screens to 120 Hz do not cost much more than the traditional 1080p but whether consumers will notice the increase in the price of LED screens. Thus, the Model 40" Samsung is a 120 Hz screen and costs more than 2,500 euros.

Investment Factor Large Electronic LED Display Screens

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