Large Advertising LED Display Boards and on Screen Advertising

Why all enterprises, especially medium enterprises, require economic spaces to advertise their products or services? In many countries, the large LED screen television advertising boards, or full color outdoor video LED display screen advertising boards, are overshadowing the normal billboard advertisements.

Large Advertising LED Display Boards and Advertising LED Screens

Consider the following points when thinking about buying a large advertising LED display board:
  • You can build your own LED display advertising board, buying and integrating them into pedestals or supports;
  • Or, you can be a distributor of a company that manufactures electronic LED display advertising boards;
  • It is ideal to negotiate with people in charge of marketing of shopping malls, universities and other places where there are a large number of spectators and visitors;
  • The initial investment ranges around $100,000 USD, considering that for a high resolution LED display screen of 12 square meters cost about $35,000 USD;
  • In areas where there is a lot of sunlight or where the display will be placed in direct sunlight, consider buying a LED display screen that has at least a brightness of 5,500 Nits or 5,500 cd/m², so it can be seen without having troubles of low brightness;
  • If you are in charge of controlling, scheduling and programming the advertisements of the LED screen, then you can get a specialized software and connect your LED screens over the Internet (LED Studio has that option).

Investment Factor Large Electronic LED Display Screens

DMX Technologies can offer you also large electronic LED display screens of such a size and even bigger or smaller. You can consult our sales team to help you and give you the best possible option that suits you the best.

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