Taiwan LED makers form industry association

Fourteen factories producing LED´s in Taiwan have been unified to form only one association. The newly formed partnership Optoelectronics of Taiwan's semiconductor industry (TOISA) said that Taiwan aims to be the country with the largest production of LEDs in the world. Taiwan is currently in second place and just behind Japan and Korea in third place.

The government of Taiwan sponsored the establishment of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) which brought together the fourteen companies producers of LED chips and LEDs. Within these Taiwanese companies there are LEDs producers with the same or even better quality than the LEDs in Japan or Korea.

Growth and evolvement for the creators of LED chips in Taiwan

Taiwanese companies are developing chips for LEDs and are producing about 700 million units per month. Chips with high technology and quality which are covering the worldwide LED market.

Comments and additional conclusions

Many people think that Taiwan LED´s are poor quality LED´s, which are used for electronic LED screen display, at low price in comparison to LEDs from Japan, like those of Nichia (Nichia LED´s are the best in the market with the highest performance but have the highest price). But the factor that makes a big difference is the labor market, in Taiwan it is much cheaper than in Japan and also super innovative due to the low development costs. That is also why prices fall and quality is extremely equal, and sometimes even better than the Japanese LED´s, as the article says.

DMX Technologies got the analysis report of 3 known LED brand types that are high quality LED´s. The report contains the "burn-in" stress test, so you can find out how these 3 LED tyoes are performing and how is their lifestyle and how will the lifespan of these LED´s be affected. The report is available here:

Taiwan LED´s vs Nichia LED´s vs Lite-Max LED´s Analysis of Taiwan LED screen displays vs. Nichia LED screen displays vs. Lite-Max LED screen displays (Stress Tests)

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