Large Electronic Video Advertising LED Sign Displays and LED Screens

LED Displays (Vegas LED Screens) is a LED display screen manufacturer and global wholesaler of large outdoor and indoor full color electronic LED matrix display screens, LED signs and LED screens for mayor advertising campaigns; placed next to highways, or LED message and video displays for football stadiums, electronic arrival and departure airport displays signs, LED screen displays for schools or shops and malls to highlight products and services.

Indoor Led Signs
Indoor LED display signs are perfect information resources for airports, stock markets, banks, exhibitions and all kind of indoor events. Besides the led display signs are very easy to install and to transport.

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Outdoor Led Signs
The outdoor LED display signs are the brightest LED display panels available. These Outdoor LED display signs are clearly readable when direct sunlight makes contact with these led display panels.

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Led Sign Services
Outdoor LED display signs are perfect resources for publicity campaigns for high crowded places. LED Displays International can help and advise you how to setup your publicity campaigns and where.

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High Resolution LED Displays

The Dynamic Pixel Technology (DPT) of our LED display screens and LED signs enables us to display a picture with double clearness and more resolution.

LED Displays DPT Overview

LED Displays Easy Installation

Our large LED display screens and signs are easy to install and makes moving possible due the existence of modules and racks.

LED Displays Easy Installation

LED Displays Control Systems

Integrated Control System makes you feel comfortable and convenient during the operation of the large LED display screens.

LED Displays Control System